KALGANOVA MARINA (Coach-choreographer ISA)

Coach-choreographer, a qualified teacher and a certified specialist in the field of choreography in figure skating. 

Winner of the Winter Sports Olympiad among adult amateurs Winter World Master's Games 2020 (Austria). 

Three-time winner of the annual All-Russian figure skating competition "Russian Winter" (2019, 2021 and 2022). 

Winner of the Russian Cup in modern areas of choreography (2015, 2016, 2017), the Europe-Asia Cup, the Legend Championship. Judge of regional and All-Russian dance festivals. Leading master classes in plastic liberation, improvisation, jazz, contemporary, juzz-funk, vogue, stretching and balance.

 In addition to the choreographic

 psychological education and apply knowledge about bodily psycho-physiological clamps in work with athletes. I help to become more liberated and free during performances, open up on the ice and impress the audience and judges. Knowledge in psychology and choreography, as well as contact with each skater, become the key to emotional, artistic, musical and component programs.


- staging choreography in programs;

- improving the skills of sliding, performance, transitions;

- plastic emancipation and psychological training of athletes;

- teaching improvisation in the hall and on ice;

- contemporary dance, jazz-funk, classical and pop choreography, vogue, acrobatics;

- improved stretching and flexibility, balance.