Radek Horak

Radek Horak (Coach - choreograf ISA)
Experience as a figure skater, coach and choreographer.
  10 years of international experience representing the Czech Republic.  11-year-old international Latin American and ballroom dancer.
  Experience and work history
  I have been the head coach of skating clubs in the Czech Republic and have also worked with the country's skaters of all ages and test levels in the Czech Republic,  for two years I lived in Russia St. Petersburg, where I work as a choreographer and assistant to Alexei Mishin with the best figure skaters in the world.
  Currently running  as head coach in Stockholm.  (last 13 years)
  Employment history
  2005-2008 Professional figure skater for Willy Beitak Productions, show for Dynamic Shows by I.G.O.R.  ,Champions on Ice and many other shows.
  During his competitive career from 1993 to 2003, he gave international assignments to represent the Czech Republic at the European and World Championships and various international competitions.
  Two-time Czech novice men's champion and two-time senior men's Czech champion (1996, 1998).
  Finalist of the European Championship (1998).
  Passed the highest possible test in the Czech Republic (level 9).  Mastered all triple jumps (including triple axel and quadruple toe loop.
  Reached the highest possible level in ballroom dancing competitions in the Czech Republic (international master category).